Suntech concluded a contract with Alcatel Lucent, the general contractor and supplier of equipment for the Broadband Network in the Lubelskie Province, for CRM system delivery. The solution shall support the activities of the operator of the Broadband System in the Lubelskie Province within the scope of services provided to operators using this network and their settlement. It will allow a full range of services to be provided to the network users, starting from sales of the service through everyday customer service, settlement of services, to reports records and debt collection actions.

"Alcatel-Lucent Polska is currently moving on to the implementation stage of the construction of the Broadband Network of Eastern Poland - Lubelskie Province. The CRM system is a vital element of that network. We are glad that Suntech S.A. submitted the most competitive tender in such an important project. Such a tender provides us with certainty that the customer's expectations will be met, and the project completed on time." - says Andrzej Dulka, president of Alcatel-Lucent Polska.

"We are really glad that our solutions will support yet another broadband network. Within the last few years we have been consistently investing in development of functionalities supporting the management of such networks and such a strategy has already started bringing us the expected effects. As a result of passporting system implementation, we have acquired a lot of experience in this market sector, and with each customer the quality of our products and services improves." - explains Wojciech Franczak, vice-president of Suntech.