The Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, has completed implementation of the physical resources inventory system for the Broad-Band Network Management Centre. Thanks to the SunVizion Network Inventory system supplied by Suntech, the whole network belonging to the town has been represented in the IT environment, which shall significantly improve management of the network infrastructure, reduce its maintenance costs, and facilitate business processes.

Within the scope of the project "Development of a broad-band network for the town of Bielsko-Biala", an efficient optic fibre backbone and distribution network with radio elements was developed. Active devices for the network were supplied by the company Dimension Data (former NextiraOne). Part of the network is designed for the purposes of the local government, performing public e-services, connecting local government administration buildings, as well as schools and education centres, cultural facilities and libraries. Part of the passive network infrastructure shall be made available to other operators on market conditions.Operation of such networks requires a suitable complex model of managing access rights, with simultaneous guarantee of privacy and absolute safety of data of all the entities using the network. This is a big challenge for a passporting system.

"Our advantage is that the Suntech system was specifically designated for the purposes of managing networks developed by local governments. Two years ago, we started to develop a version of the system addressed to this market segment", says Piotr Saczuk, president of Suntech S.A. "Thanks to that, we can now offer a system which performs practically all the tasks related to inventory of public networks. The solution integrates very well with intelligent transport systems, as well as other technologies supporting the so-called smart cities."

"The SunVizion system allows for hierarchized imaging of the whole network system, starting from the drainage and piping system, through optic fibres, installations inside buildings, even to services", says Tomasz Zwinka, inspector in the IT Department of the Municipal Office. "The SunVizion system has a user-friendly, intuitive interface, and recognizes many data formats, which can be further imported and processed. It is also important that a single system integrates management of all types of information on the physical and logical network structure, its configuration, status and functioning. Such software is now necessary for proper management of network resources within the scope of network planning and development, configuration and service performance, responding to failures, etc."