ASTA-NET, a cable TV and broad-band internet supplier from Pila, Poland, has chosen to use the network inventory system in the computing cloud model provided by Suntech. Thanks to the new service, the operator will be able to manage its network more efficiently, in a uniform IT environment, and without the need to purchase and maintain the whole system.

Today, efficient operation of practically every large telecommunication network is not possible without support of inventory system. However, access to the system in a cloud model is still a cutting-edge service.

"Ensuring efficient performance of such a complicated IT environment in a computing cloud is not a piece of cake", says Piotr Saczuk, President of Suntech S.A. "It was also very important for us to guarantee full safety of the data held by our clients. In this scope, the service underwent detailed tests which took several months."

"Network inventory is necessary in every company. However, stationary systems are very costly, and for this reason, many companies decide not to introduce them", says Adam Wieczorek, Network Planning and Development Director at ASTA-NET. "The cloud solution allowed us to purchase the service. Of course, technical parameters, namely the full scope of inventory and the Esri environment serving as the basis, were also an important factor in selection of the system."