We will soon be launching the new SunVizion mobile application with all functionalities useful when working in the field. SunVizion Mobile is a perfect tool to ease the work of field technicians and maintain the most up-to-date picture of the network stored in SunVizion system.

SunVizion Mobile

SunVizion Mobile offers all the functionalities useful when working in the field. Field worker equipped with a tablet or smartphone with SunVizion can easily search for any network element or network connection and then edit its parameters. If the worker makes any changes to the existing network, for example installs a new device, changes the settings of the device already installed or makes changes to the connection, new data is entered into the system through the application. This gives other SunVizion users access to the most current network data. The application allows for browse resources not only on the hierarchy tree, but also on a map where network elements can be easily created or deleted, according to the actual network status.


The application can work in offline mode, which is especially useful in places where the network signal is weak or disturbed. After connecting to the network, any changes made in offline mode are loaded into the system and stored in a transient state for final verification until they are loaded into the system. The offline mode additionally support a specific work model in which the user of the mobile application is responsible only for gathering basic data about the field resources, and the process of validating these data, supplementing them with additional information is performed by another, more qualified system user.


SunVizion Mobile for managing services


SunVizion Mobile is a perfect tool for managing services. An employee equipped with the application may immediately check the availability of a service in a given location, and quickly estimate the cost of connecting a subscriber to the network. It can also start the process of automatically planning the network connection between the client's premises and the nearest access point of the network. This functionality is extremely useful for operators who sell their services by field sales representatives, or in situations where a technical employee sent to the site has to provide residents with information regarding the conditions for connecting them to the network.


The new SunVizion mobile application is also an invaluable help in case of network failures. Thanks to integration with the workflow engine, SunVizion Mobile assigns specific tasks to individual employees and supervises their implementation. Field staff members get precise information about the location of the failure, which significantly reduces the time of its removal.


This, of course, is not the end of SunVizion Mobile's capabilities. We will develop the application in accordance with the suggestions of our clients, our ideas and possibilities created by new technologies. Our goal is to facilitate the work of field workers, and provide our clients with smart tools to maintain in SunVizion system the most up-to-date data about their network.


SunVizion Mobile will be available for sale in April 2018.